About Water Wings

Lake Texoma's Premiere Hydro Flight Destination

About Water Wings
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Magic Of Jet Blades

Water Wings of Texoma brings you the magic of Jet Blades water jet pack and hover board in an amazingly easy, fun and safe setting where you too can experience the thrill of true human flight, without wings. Water Wings of Texoma is Texoma’s premiere Hydro Flight destination . We offer Individual and group lessons. All training and safety equipment is provided!

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Hydro Flight Sports

Water Wings of Texoma knows that hydro flight sports are about the coolest way to spend a summer day with friends. The first anti-gravity sport lets you fly with the built in cushion of a water landing to ease the bumps of learning. Lots of questions are asked about how it all works, we are here to answer each and every one.

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Anti-Gravity Fun!

Here are the basics of every hydro flight device on the market: A jet ski is converted into a floating pump. The force of the water exiting the end of the system has the opposing reaction of driving the hydro device up in the air, aka anti-gravity sport!. Our goal is to get the new users acquainted with the system and provide the basics for determining the best devices and approaches to enjoyable and safe hydro flight.

Hydro Flight Lake Texoma

Water Wings On Lake Texoma!

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Water Wings Is Lake Texoma’s Premiere Hydro Flight Destination. We believe that just about anyone can have fun with our Hydro Flight System by Jet Blades. We encourage you to come out and try for yourself. Bring yourself, your friends and your family. We have Fly With Us packages available for any size group. Sign Up Today!